About us

Eitech Group is a company with several years of experience working in the automotive industry. We are one of the fastest growing startups on the EMEA area! There are currently four companies operating on the Eitech Group: Carlet and Carleo - Car Rental, Carlease - Leasing, and Carsell - ​​car import and sales. However, we have unique features that allow us to continually expand and grow our business.

Every day we note the growth of our satisfied customers. We work with both private individuals, small and large companies. By using our knowledge and experience, we offer the highest level of service to meet the growing demands and expectations of our customers. We create a reliable environment for building lasting relationships with business partners.

Every day we work intensively on the development of our company

We build lasting relationships with our business partners

Each of our companies offers the highest level of service

Every day we increase the number of our satisfied customers